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Our Services

We provide quality roofing and guttering services
through the ACT and Canberra region.

Auspro roofing specialises in the re-bedding and re-pointing of all ridge capping and gable ends for roof repairs in Canberra. This entails the removal of existing mortar and cleaning of ridge caps, re-bedding of ridge caps with A solid cement base, and re-pointing with flexible mortar.

This is a far better alternative to only re-pointing a roof, where a coat of flexible mortar is applied over an existing mortar bed. Simply re-pointing without replacing the existing mortar bed is a band-aid solution and will not prevent any existing capillary leakage a customer may experience.

All work to ridge capping comes with a 7 year written warranty.

Roof files wear over time and leaks can occurs due to damaged roof tiles. Auspro roofing can replace your damaged roof tiles and repair your leaking roof in the Canberra region and can replace all brands of concrete or terracotta roof tiles, even those which may be hard to find. Call us today to inspect your roof for damage and leaks.

Auspro Roofing offers complete gutter repairs services that will fix any problems you might encounter with your guttering system. If your roof gutter system is old, tired, out of alignment or leaking it my be time to replace or repair it. If you are looking for a long-lasting solution, you need a high quality replacement guttering system that needs to be professionally installed. If your guttering system is not installed properly, in time it will cause problems that will eventually result in costly damages to your property. Canberra's Auspro roofing can supply and fit a quality ACE gutter systems to replace your aged or failing system. ACE gutters are one of Australias leading suppliers of rain water goods, all coming with a 20 year manufactures warranty.

Auspro roofing supply and fit ACE Metal fascia covers for roof repairs in Canberra. If your fascia timbers are faded and fatigued then a metal fascia cover may solve your problems. Instead of replacing timbers and having them re-painted, a metal fascia cover is far a more economical and attractive alternative.

Once covered your timbers will never need to be replaced or repainted. This represents great value for money.

We provide WAKAFLEX lead flashings for roof repairs in Canberra. Over time lead flashing will deteriorate. Small holes in flashings can be re-sealed with silicone, however some flashing will need replacement. WAKAFLEX is a product formulated to replace lead. It comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty. WAKAFLEX has a strong adhesive which makes it far less labor intensive, for example, timber or fibro sheets do not have to be pulled apart or re-constructed as with traditional lead flashing, WAKAFLEX covers and adhears to existing products. WAKAFLEX also comes in a variety of colours and does not require painting. Selling for approximately the same prices as lead this is a good value, reliable and attractive alternative.

Vally irons, flues and skylights are a constant source of leakage and require roofing repairs. Auspro Roofing in Canberra has many years of experience fixing these items and it is rare that they will need to be replaced. Congestion and mal-adjustment of weathering lips and lead flashings are usually the cause of these problems.